• 1 lb. bacon strips
  • 15 large Jalapenos
  • 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese

    Cut the strips of bacon in half lengthwise. Cut the stem off of the jalapenos and core them; removing seeds and veins. Fill the jalapenos with cream cheese. Cross two half slices of bacon on the top of each jalapeno and secure with toothpicks. Place jalapenos in a jalapeno holder and then onto a hot grill. Grill until bacon is crisp. Remove the toothpicks and allow cheese to cool slightly before serving.

  • To make coring jalapenos easier use a grapefruit knife.
  • To make stuffing the jalapenos easier cut the cream cheese into small sticks and then insert the stick into the jalapeno.
  • Fat free or 1/3 fat cream cheese may be substituted.
  • To add a unique touch puree 1/4 cup peeled and cook shrimp with the cream cheese before stuffing.
  • Missyjen84

    These things are the bomb. I won’t do another BBQ without having a round of these puppies. My only suggestion is that if you’re having trouble getting the bacon fully cooked by the time your jalapenos need to come off, try cooking your bacon about half way in a pan then putting together your poppers and placing on the grill.

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