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User Review

North Mill Ranch


HE is a lier
Worst Ranch Owner I very tried to work with, I booked a hunt with this guy, talked with him on the phone no where on is web site did it say no refunds if hunt is canceled !. Never on the phone did he say no refund, my son and I was really looking forward to the hunt, 3 months before the hunt I fell down a outside stair way. I needed my shoulder replaced , broke both wrist, Had both knees replaced And 4 Doctors tell me they can't fix my ankle. So I ask this guy for refund for my hunt for my son and I, He knew from phone calls I had before and after I got hurt that my son had a learning disabled and that he could not make that hunt with out me. SO HE SAID HE WOULD REFUND THE FULL HUNT. THEN A MONTH LATER I GOT A CHECK FOR HAFT OF MY MONEY! HE LIED. HE HAD 3 MOUNTHS TO REBOOK THE HUNT ? HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS HUNTERS BEFORE OR AFTER HE GETS HIS MONEY ! BE VERY CAREFULL HE WILL LIE TO YOU TO GET YOUR MONEY!!! I have hunted on 5 other ranch's in Texas before this happened and all was good. But because of this LIER I won't be going back to Texas ! !