• JR Callihan

    Anyone know where I can get some gear like that?

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  • Camotoe

    Hey Buey, they sell their gear on their website JagerPro.com. You had better have a fat wallet if you want to buy that stuff.

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  • Randy Valles

    I am an avid hunter, and I have to say that these videos make me sick! Poor markmanship, extremely unfair advantage, and I don\'t see the need to wipe out an entire family of anything. Why not try to book some fair hunts on this property and make some money?

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  • Charles

    It is obvious that Randy never saw the destruction a family of hog can do to your property. Poor markmanship in pitch black conditions is expected? If it makes you sick to watch, turn off your computer

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  • Buddy Tucker


    I can understand your plight and am not a treehugger. I would like to help with your crop-animal -business damage,I am not in this as a joke, I have trapped these critters and others like them for a living on private hunting clubs--coons, possums,foxes coyotes wild dogs and any predators.I need some employment for my son we can\'t find anything---- serious in alabama..

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  • Rusty Shacklford

    Are you kidding me these kills are good enough for hogs. I am a south texas rancher and these damn things about have us over run, they have killed calves, quail and any thing they can get. They have spread desease to our deer herds and destroyed fences. You can\'t put your tub licks out for your cows any more because they will wipe them out in one night. They only move at night. We have shot hundreds and have not put a dent in their population. I don;t care about fair chase with these creatures. They have cots us any others ranches hundreds of thousands of dollars. I say drop them when you see them. I carry mini 30 in my truck just for them. GO NIGHT HUNTERS GO!!!!

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