Hunts in the Texas Hill Counry, Marfa and the Texas Coast Line.

Vinegarroon Wildlife offers all native, big game and upland bird hunting for the State Of Texas. Beginning 2011, we offer guided exotic game hunts in the Texas Hill Country. We hunt whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, aoudad, dove and quail at our 20,000 acre ranch west of Del Rio, Texas. We hunt Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope at Marfa, Texas on ranches that cover over 50,000 acres. All of our native game hunts are fair chase and on large low fence ranches. Vinegarroon Wildlife has been in the guided hunting business for 15 years and we offer guided hunts “Texas Style”. Vinegarroon Wildlife offers Whitetail and Mule Deer hunts to the sportsman that likes the challenge of hunting mature bucks in their natural range.

You will be hunting country in which we have whitetail bucks that we have yet to see and the deer have not been pressured by over hunting. Our ranches lay between the Rio Grande River on the South and The Devil’s River on the North. The terrain is covered in a wide variety of low thorny brush that provides high nutritional forage for our whitetail. The rangeland is a contrast from large mesquite and prickle pear flats, to big canyons as you near the rivers.

Our guides will hunt several different ways for Trophy Whitetail. We feel this is your hunt and we want you to make the decision on the buck you take. They will plan the hunt based on the buck activity and weather. We only allow mature bucks to be taken (5.5 years plus).You will hunt 1000’s of acres each day exclusive to you and your guide. Your hunt may involve setting stands or tripods, rattling, or walking canyons. Our guides stay on the ranch the entire season so they are prepared for your hunt. We also stress safety at all times.

We offer Canyon Hunts to the sportsman that wants to go one on one with a mature whitetail buck in the back-river country. These hunts are all walk and stalk type hunts where there are few roads and no stands or feeders—mainly big canyons and big bucks. You will hunt the canyon rims working slowly into the wind, mixed with rattling and lots of glassing. Most shots will be off shooting sticks. You need to be in shape for this hunt and be ready to close distance on a buck that may be 800-1000 yards away.

We had a very successful bow season in 2010. Our trophy bow hunters took 5 mature bucks out of 6 trophy hunters. We will continue to isolate 3400 acres for bow only hunting. These are 3 day hunts with guide assistance. It is also a mature buck harvest.

We have maintained a year round supplemental feed and mineral program that addresses our deer herd nutritional needs during stress times. We harvest a mature buck per 500 acres and management bucks and doe as needed. We maintain a 1 to 2 buck to doe ratio and the density on whitetail is one deer to 14 acres. Our hunters will see 15-25 bucks on a daily hunt. Our average age on mature bucks has been in the 6 year old plus for the last 4 years. Our average buck is in the 130-140 class with the top end bucks in the 140-150 class. We also offer management and doe hunts.

We have nice clean comfortable, accommodations at the ranch headquarters with a/c and heat. We serve 3 homemade ranch cooked meals a day. Vinegarroon Wildlife’s goal is for each hunter to experience a successful hunt. This goal is supported by our top guides and cook.

We offer excellent guided Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope hunts at Marfa, Texas. These are large ranches with again, mature buck harvest and we have some very good Muleys. These hunts are mostly jeep hunting with some walk and stalk.

Other hunts to inquire about are our spring turkey hunts, dove and quail hunts, and our new exotic hill country hunts. We also offer thru our outfitter team salt water fishing and duck and goose hunting on the Texas and Louisiana coast. Call for information 830-313-0607.
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