Bar E Ranch

Bar E Ranch is a 700 acre bowhunting-only ranch located 45 miles west of San Antonio, near Hondo, Texas, where the south Texas Brush Country meets the Hill Country. The ranch has a perimeter game-proof fence and is stocked with a variety of exotics that will be challenging and exciting to hunt. There is a large population of native wild hogs and the ranch has been stocked with South Texas Whitetail deer which are very abundant in this area. There are no livestock on the ranch competing with the wildlife or to get in your way during an important stalk. Hunting for hogs and exotics is available year round and in season on whitetail deer. The ranch is strictly managed and supplemental feed is available year round. Water sources are abundant. The ranch is stocked with enough game to attract and satisfy hunters of all levels of skill.
P.O. Box 239, Hondo, TX
830-426-8272 or 830-426-6555
Available Game