WinterHawk Outfitters

The Winterhawk Ranch is located in Baylor County, Texas as offers Trophy Free-Ranging Whitetail Deer hunting, Rio Grande Turkey hunts, excellent Feral Hog hunting, Seasonal Duck Hunting, and Trophy Aoudad Hunts. The Winterhawk Ranch is located outside of Seymour, Texas; 52 miles southwest of Wichita Falls and 100 miles north of Abilene, Texas.  

The Winterhawk Ranch has around 3000 season round acres split up on several pristine properties around Seymour, Texas, that are used to hunt a variety of wild game, including free-ranging trophy whitetail deer, feral hogs and trophy boars, trophy Aoudad, Rio Grande Turkey and Migratory Ducks.


At Winterhawk Outfitters you will have a true fair chase hunt for native or exotic wildlife on about 3000 acres found on several pristine ranches around Seymour, Texas. This is not the high fence hunting you find in other parts of Texas, but true fair chase exciting hunts.


The Winterhawk Outfitters property has been managed as an 8 points or better standard for the last 8 years, which has resulted in a good population of Trophy Whitetail Bucks. Additionally, there are many Trophy Gobblers and managed Wild Hogs. Our Aoudad are also outstanding. Check out our photo galleries for examples of animals you find on the Winterhawk Ranch


Not only do we provide some of the best hunting opportunities found in Texas, but we also provide a great outdoors and wildlife photography opportunity for the non-hunters who want to come out and observe the animals in their natural environment.


The Winterhawk Ranch was established in 2001 and the name comes from the fact that the owners used to watch the hawks fly around the property. Whenever you visit the Winterhawk Ranch and you see a hawk flying above, that is a sign of good luck. Come give it a try!
Available Game