Black Sky Outfitters

Black Sky Outfitters (BSO) provides some of the best canada goose hunts in the Texas Panhandle. Over the years, Bruce Town and Kelly Jones have learned that preparation is the key to a great hunt. On a daily basis, BSO has 5 spotters watching geese and their patterns so that we can provide a successful hunt. No matter what the situation, we can not stress enough that preparation is the #1 factor in Panhandle hunting. Towards the end of the season we can move up to a 100 miles to provide our clients the best possible hunt.

The opportunities are endless here in Texas. We have some of the best Mallard, Pintail and Teal hunting in the the state. All of our duck hunts are on Playa Lakes. Depending on the lake, sometimes we hunt in blinds, but for a more successful hunt, we recommend the use of waders. The Playa Lakes are usually no more than 2-3 feet deep. We stand in reeds or trees wearing camo and watching the decoys that we provide. It can be very rewarding.

Outside of hunting waterfowl, our area is known as the best place in the Panhandle for pheasant hunting. BSO leases private land for all of our pheasant hunting. We mainly hunt corn and milo fields adjacent to dried lake bottoms. We also hunt CRP grass fields. In the 2000 season we harvested 98% limits and all on wild birds. BSO can also provide pen raised chuckar hunts. We guarantee the best flying birds in Texas. We invite you to bring your dogs. It is an excellent opportunity for training.

Last but not least, we provide sandhill crane hunts. The panhandle winters around 150,000 sandhill crane. We hunt the crane over Texas Rags and have very good success. In the 2000 season, we harvested 85% limits.

Our #1 concern is you, the customer. You will not find another outfit that works harder to provide you with a great hunt. We thrive on giving seeing the faces of our clients after they have experienced that "once in a lifetime hunt".
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