• 1 lb. bacon strips
  • 15 large Jalapenos
  • 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese

    Cut the strips of bacon in half lengthwise. Cut the stem off of the jalapenos and core them; removing seeds and veins. Fill the jalapenos with cream cheese. Cross two half slices of bacon on the top of each jalapeno and secure with toothpicks. Place jalapenos in a jalapeno holder and then onto a hot grill. Grill until bacon is crisp. Remove the toothpicks and allow cheese to cool slightly before serving.

  • To make coring jalapenos easier use a grapefruit knife.
  • To make stuffing the jalapenos easier cut the cream cheese into small sticks and then insert the stick into the jalapeno.
  • Fat free or 1/3 fat cream cheese may be substituted.
  • To add a unique touch puree 1/4 cup peeled and cook shrimp with the cream cheese before stuffing.