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Wildlife Systems Inc


WSI mule deer hunt
I hunted with WSI in December of 2016 on a ranch in S. Texas called "Stromberg". WSI and Gregory Simons in particular fraudulently represented this ranch and it's mule deer! This was supposed to be a trophy hunt and cost over $7,000 dollars. According to the game book kept on the ranch spanning the last 7 or more years a trophy animals has never been taken! The WSI guide, Ruben, told me on arrival that there were no trophy animals on the ranch upon arrival. I should have left the ranch then but I had waited 2 years for this hunt, taken off work for 14 days and driven 2,000 miles at this point. Mr Simons says, the word "trophy" is subjective and open to individual interpretation. Boone & Crocket and Pope and Young don't agree with Mr. Simons. He provided a guide which had never guided in the area of the ranch we hunted. All the game feeders were empty until the last of the hunt. I did not see a deer over 135 score. Never fired a shot. The largest deer taken was 143 and change by the entire gang of hunters. It was supposed to be a 5 day hunt but was cut to 4 days, no explanation given for the curtailment. There was no phone, a broken oven and washing machine available on site. I ask for a refund of my money and was refused. Mr. Simons got mad at the suggestion he lied about the game. As most of the hunt was done from a truck and the fact that the passenger side electric window was only operable from the drivers side and the guide was partially deaf once I spotted any deer and got the window down and the driver stopped the deer had run off out of site and range in 90 percent of the cases. This is what you can expect for $1,750 dollars per day. What rip off and waste of time. On a 1-10 scale I would give WSI a minus 2. If you have a hunt booked in the future with WSI try to get your money back Now! I was too embrassed to tell my hunting buddies when I returned home how bad I got screw by Gregory Simons and WSI! Beware!