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JKK Ranch



Texas hunting doesn't get any better than the Texas Hill Country. It offers scenic beauty, terrific terrain and a high whitetail deer density- the highest density of whitetail deer in the state of Texas. Add the amenities of JKK Ranch and a superior commitment to our hunters, and you have much more than just another Texas hunt – you have a great hunting experience. We are located near Llano, Mason and Fredericksburg in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Texas is the deer hunter’s paradise, and if you are looking for the ideal hunting place come to JKK Ranch. 

Chase the rolling hills and spring fed creeks that lure the deer of the Hill Country, or find your dream trophy in the brushes— an ideal habitat for native game. Every area of the ranch – North, South, East, West or Central – has hunting potential that boasts an amazing number of deer and other animals. 


Here you can find brushy slopes leading to creek beds where trophy bucks can be found. We have acreage with oak and cedar, as well as brush that afford cover for the deer, giving you just a glimpse of an antler to let you know you’re in the right place. 


JKK Ranch has land with super hunting for trophy animals, thanks to abundant water, excellent soil, and ideal brush diversity. Superior wildlife management and superior habitat combine to produce the best hunting in the area. 
P.O. Box 2232, Fredericksburg, TX
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