Brinlee Ranch Hunts

Come experience Texas whitetail deer hunting at its best with Brinlee Ranch Hunts. Our accommodations and abundant whitetail deer will make your Texas deer hunt the hunt of a lifetime. Located in Terrell County on the rugged western edge of the Edwards Plateau in West Texas, Brinlee Ranch Hunts has over 60,000 acres of prime low-fence deer hunting habitat consisting of deep canyons and draws, cedar breaks, and open flats with mesquite and brush. The whitetail deer are extremely abundant in this area and for the past 12 years deer hunters at Brinlee Ranch Hunts have enjoyed a 100% success rate on their Texas Deer Hunts. The ranch has plenty of free-range whitetail bucks that will score 115 - 150+ B&C. Trophy expectations are a realistic 120 - 140 B&C. Virtually all of our harvested bucks will have eight points or better with spreads typically ranging from 16" - 20" or better.
Brinlee Ranch Hunts has an intensive deer management program in place to insure that our whitetail deer obtain the highest amount of antler and body growth. By working in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Technical Guidance Biologists we have developed a uniform deer age structure with an ideal 2:1 doe-to-buck ratio. With a density of around 1 deer per 12 acres, you can expect to see countless numbers of healthy mature whitetail bucks. This will ensure you of your best chance to get that trophy buck on your wall. We harvest only 1 whitetail buck per 650 acres, ensuring everyone an opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck year after year. Our number one goal is to make sure our West Texas deer hunts are an exiting, memorable, and successful experience for our clients. West Texas deer hunting is something to truly behold.

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