Nooney Paw-Paw Mountain Ranch

Bring your rifle or your bow (and your camera) and come hunt with us! We have year-round hunting packages available, whether you are interested in native whitetails, turkeys, or exotics such as Axis deer, Aoudad Sheep, and others. J&L?s Nooney Paw-Paw Mountain Ranch is remotely located in the beautiful Southwest Texas Hill Country, not far from Rocksprings, TX in Edwards County. The country is rugged and beautiful, with steep canyons in the ?breaks? of the Edwards Plateau, where the rivers begin their flow southward to the Gulf of Mexico.

The property is bordered on the east by the clear, cool waters of the East Prong of the Nueces River and a heavily wooded pecan bottom. Because of the unique location in a sharp bend of the river, wild game of all varieties naturally gathers here, drawn by the abundant forage and social opportunities. Nooney Paw-Paw Mountain forms the west boundary, overshadowing the river bottom. Wild game to be seen most frequently includes native whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkeys, Russian and feral hogs, exotic Axis deer and Aoudad sheep. Very limited numbers of javelina, Barbados, Mouflon sheep, Fallow and Red Deer may be seen, though not frequently. Several record book Axis bucks have been taken recently. Aoudad sheep also grow to record book trophy sizes on the mountain side of the Ranch. There are no high fences, thereby providing a fair chase hunt. We maintain feeders and blinds to provide better chances of success. As participants in a Wildlife Management Plan with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, we do not run livestock and strive to keep the habitat as favorable to wildlife as possible. We also limit hunting to only a few hunts per year, never ?over hunting? the land.

As a hunter at the Ranch, you will be pretty much on your own, though we will provide assistance if requested. You will be staying in a trailer in the campground facilities near our house. We will show you to the blinds, provide information as to feeder times, and give advice. We always have recent videos of what we?ve seen at the various hunting blinds for your viewing enjoyment. Given all that, your relative skill as a hunter will largely determine your success. Because we are not a high fence ranch, we can't make any guarantees, but your chances will be excellent.
Available Game