Collins Creek Ranch

Come hunt the historic Collins Creek Ranch located 15 miles North of Albany, Texas on U. S. Highway 283 in Northern Shackelford County. Collins Creek Ranch consists of 5,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat. The combination of rolling hills and thick mesquite and the fact that the Clear Fork of the Brazos runs through the'' ranch makes it a hunters paradise. This area of Texas has for the past 10 years produced some of the finest hunting opportunities anywhere. The whitetail deer were introduced again to this area in the early 40's. With the big ranches and limited hunting pressure the herds have multiplied and make for a great hunt. The miles of river and its lumbering Pecan trees makes even the most seasoned turkey hunter shiver. With a little help from mother nature this area can wear out the best pair of hunting boots and most seasoned bird dog with numerous coveys per day.
P.O. 52, Albany, TX
Available Game