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Mariposa Ranch

Located midway between Corpus Christi, Texas and Mexico, the Mariposa Ranch has remained in the Sullivan Family for over 100 years. Daniel J. Sullivan, V continues the legacy, managing operations and implementing a further shift away from cattle ranching toward a more complete wildlife management program. Once the world's largest producer of Beefmaster cattle, the ranch now sustains a small herd of cows for the sole purpose of enriching the wildlife habitat.


Bordered on the east, south, and west by the King Ranch and Kenedy Ranch, the Mariposa spans 45,000 contiguous acres across Brooks and Kenedy counties. With over five types of terrain ranging from heavy mesquite and live oak thickets to vast open prairies and salt grass flats, the Mariposa Ranch enjoys the best of both worlds----excellent deer herds along with immense quail and turkey populations.


The best way to the Mariposa Ranch is by plane.  Those flying commercially should land in Corpus Christi, Texas.  From there you may rent a vehicle or, through prior arrangements, have us collect you.  The drive to the ranch is just over an hour.

If you are traveling via private aircraft, you should land at Falfurrias Brooks County Airport.  It has a paved and lighted 5,000 foot strip with an instrument approach.  We will collect you and make the 5 minute drive to the ranch.
906 CR 225, Falfurrias,
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