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Las Raices Ranch

In 1836 when Texas won its independence from Mexico, there was still a border dispute. Texas claimed that it was comprised of lands extending all the way to the Rio Grande, while Mexico contended its borders ended at the Nueces River. This dispute came to a head when in 1845 Texas was annexed by the United States, an action that Mexico deemed an act of war. Thus began the Mexican-American war, which secured among other things, without a doubt, the area south of the Nueces River for Texas.


The Whitetail deer is one of the most desired big game animal in North America. Texas has made itself a reputation as one of the premier destinations for hunters seeking quality whitetails at a reasonable cost and comfort level. With over 20 years of management and record keeping we have created one of the best purely native populations of whitetail deer in the state right in the middle of the so called "Golden Triangle." This is an area comprised of Webb, Dimmit, and La Salle counties split almost in two by the Nueces River. Las Raices Ranch is located in northern Webb County just south of the Dimmit County line and on it still resides an old stage house built in 1836 during the border dispute.


Lat: 28º 9'54.06"N
Long: 99º 27'15.15"W


Office: 210-829-7831
Cell: 210-827-0897
Ranch: 956-948-5421
Available Game