Panhandles Best Inc

Discover the finest decoy waterfowl and sandhill crane hunting available with PANHANDLE'S BEST, INC. in the heart of the Texas Panhandle.

The Texas Panhandle offers goose hunting opportunity for upwards of 700,000 wintering geese. The vast majorities are lesser Canada or short grass prairie geese, but we also have very huntable numbers of greater Canada geese and snow geese.

The Texas Panhandle also offers sandhill crane hunting opportunity for upwards of 500,000 wintering sandhill cranes. The sandhill crane population in the Texas Panhandle consists mostly of lesser sandhill cranes but also boasts huntable populations of greater sandhill cranes.

Texas Panhandle duck hunting is as good as it gets anywhere in the United States. Ducks are very abundant, wintering by the thousands on the many shallow water lakes in our vast playa lakes region. Mallard hunting is our primary focus. We also offer plenty of opportunity at hunting most other puddle ducks, especially the sought after bull sprig or Pintail.
5600 Bell St #105-172, Amarillo, TX
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