Larry Gores Eagle Lake and Katy Prairie Outfitters

Since 1977 Larry Gore has been in the outfitting business. Larry Gore's name is synonymous with Texas Waterfowling. His hunting operation Eagle Lake & Katy Prairie Outfitters (ELKPO) has taken many thousands of hunters from all across the Nation, the Continent, and the World. For decades the Rice Belt of Texas has been known as one of North America's best Goose and Duck hunting areas. Larry Gore's ELKPO properties are situated in the Heart of this Prime waterfowl zone.

Things have changed recently in the Texas Rice Belt. Over the years there has been a reduction in rice production. In the nineties the average winter population of Snow Geese in the Rice Belt zone was around one million. Today we average over 400,000. Several hundred thousand Whitefronted and Canadas also winter here. Their numbers have remained fairly steady over the decades. This area is also the winter home to large numbers of Ducks.

Unlike in past decades, the Prime hunting areas are much more limited. The big concentrations of birds are no longer as wide spread as they once were. Land management of the hunting property is now even more essential to have good hunting. Larry Gores's ELKPO is now embarking on new management techniques in order to continue to ensure quality hunting. We know of no other Outfitter that is managing their lands to the degree that we are. It is our opinion that you will find no other Outfitter in Southeast Texas that can offer you the same quality or potential for hunt success as we can.

Please review the pages of this web brochure. With careful analysis of it you too will see that our game and land management program and controlled hunting pressure is superior to any guide service in Texas. So please consider booking your hunt with us when you are planning a hunt in this excellent Goose and Duck hunting area of North America. Spaces are limited.
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