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Garwood Hunting Club LLC

We hunt duck, geese and sandhill cranes in Colorado, Wharton and Lavaca Counties.

We have access to prime waterfowl habitat in counties recognized as the "Rice Belt of Texas". This is where the largest number of wild geese in the country roosts for the winter months.

Waterfowl hunting normally runs from November through the middle of February. There is an earlier season for teal each year, which is in September, and all waterfowl hunting is usually excellent the entire season.

All of our hunts utilize qualified experienced guides that scout the fields before the hunting is done to ensure you the best possible results for the following morning. Your experience will make you want to come back to Garwood Hunting Club for another great outing.
Geese: Snows, Blues, Ross, Specklebellies (White Fronted), and Lesser Canada's Ducks: Teal-Bluewing and Greenwing, Pintails, Mottled, Widgeon, Gadwall, Wood Duck, Mallards and Sandhill Cranes.

Bring your shotgun, ammunition, camouflage clothing, waders, rain parka, camera, ice chest, hunting license and duck stamps.
In the event you forget anything, we can provide you with needed licenses, game stamps, ammunition and other hunting necessities. We can also provide you with bird processing.

Upon completion of your hunt, we also make available complete bird processing.
Our pickers will pick, clean, wash, bag and freeze your birds for transport.
7951 Hwy 71, Garwood, TX
800-634-2297 or 979-758-3200
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