Texas Parks and Wildlife App1. Texas Parks and Wildlife -

Have access to all the state hunting and fishing regulations WITHOUT an internet connection.

  • Seasons and bag limits
  • Hunting / Fishing restrictions
  • Tagging instuctions
  • Locate public hunting land
  • Apply for big game hunts
  • Most importanly, know the rules
  • Bass and Cat fishing tips
  • Find places to fish in your area
  • Fishing reports


2. My Texas Hunt Harvest - by Texas Parks and Wildlife -

Report your harvest in real time, help the state maintain and manage healthy game populations and log your harvested game animals and record the location for future use.

3. ActInNature Hunting -

This map makes the list for its safety driven features.  ActInHunting is a mapping, tracking and navigation app for hunters.  You can map hunting zones, estabilish points of intrest such as creeks, food plots, hunting blinds and so on.  When hunting with multiple hunters you can establish safe hunting zones.  With GPS enabled on your phone you can see the other hunters movement and even determine which direction they're facing (assumening the hunter and cell phone are facing the same direction).  You can send predefined status updates such as thumbs up, SOS, on target to name a few.  You can pull up some basic weather info and wind direction / speed. You can even keep notes in a journal, recording your location, pictures, firearm and ammunition.


4. Time2Hunt -  This app is mostly recommended on the fact that it has easy to read display of solar / lunar data along with sun rise, sun set and the moon phases.  The app also showcases a game activity chart which forcasts each hour of the day and rates that hour on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the most activity. Althought I put little faith in the hourly rating, I find the lunar phases and solar info the most informative.  The app only requires access to your location so I would consider it minimally intrusive.  The Lite version is free and provides the basic info described above along with a banner advertisement at the bottom.  For a small fee, you may purchase the full version and gain access to the ad free app which provideds multiple locations that can be viewed (as opposed to just your current location), monthly view, saved locations and a map view.  

Time2Hunt App


5. The Ultimate SAS Survival Guide (Lite versions and full version for a small fee)

When the going gets tough, do you have the knowledge to survive.   This app is loaded with the knowledge you need to survive the harshest situations.  Written by John "Lofty" Wiseman, a former SAS soldier and instructor of one of Britains toughest fighting forces.  Spend some time reading through the different sections including basic survival information, videos of Lofty Wiseman demostrating knife skills, over 100 question quiz and a survival gear checklist. Upgrade to the Full or paid version and you'll also get 9 chapters of survial text, 16 videos, photo galleries of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, morse code signalling device and first aid.  Spend some time reading through this app in your off time so that you're prepared for whatever situation you may come across in the field.