All Season Feeders out of San Antonio is one of those companies that makes a little bit of everything. In fact, I've already decided that my next smoker is going to be an All Season Feeder smoker that I've been eyeballing at HEB.  The fire rings, yard furniture, hog traps and game feeders that they make are all as good as they come.  I suspect their latest product called the Inhawgnito to be just as good as everything else they make.

The Inhawgnito is a bank of LED lights that mounts to the bottom of your feeder and illuminates the surrounding area in either red or green lights.  The system ties into the 6 or 12 volt battery supply on your feeder and can be controlled with a remote at an incredible distance up to 200 yards away.  You can also activate your feeder with the click of your remote.   In their demo video, they show a group of hogs under the feeder, someone takes a bow shot and then the hogs scatter.  The hunter activates the feeder again to draw the hogs back in for another shot.  How cool is that? There's a debate within the hog hunting community about weather green lights or red lights are better.  The makers of Inhawgnito decided to give you the option of red or green high output yet low energy consumption LED lights.  They claim that bow hunters will probably prefer red while rifle hunters using a regular scope or night vision prefer green.

The Inhawgnito can be bought through Amazon currently retailing for $114.95