There are currently an estimated 5 to 6 millions feral hogs living within the United States; half of which are located in Texas.  The hogs are terrorizing and destroying national parks, farming fields, ranches and recreational areas.  Annually they cause an estimated $1.5 billion in damages nationwide, $52 million in Texas alone.  Thier population has steadily been increasing and most recently seemed to experience some what of a boom.   The state of Texas has declared war on the hogs by allowing hunters to take hogs in just about anyway they can be it from a helicopter, at night with thermal or night vision or traps 365 days a year.

The Noble Foundation has developed a revolutionary new hog trap that combines good old fashion welded steel with a mobile app for your smart phone.  A 30 foot cage is suspended above the ground which is monitored by a motion activated camera.  When the camera detects motion, it sends a pic to your smart phone via text message.  If you like what you see, simply hit the button to release the trap.  This new hog trap can catch over 40 hogs in a single drop.