The Hook-A-Rack™ is a loader that attaches to just about any ATV or UTV equipped with a winch and can be used to lift and haul anything from large game to bales of hay and even buckets of feed.  The Hook-A-Rack™ is the brainchild of Mick and Chris Turner of Parker, South Dakota.   Mick, an avid outdoorsman who is a victim of a limited back condition, felt his hunting days were limited as any sizeable game he harvested would necessitate someone else lifting and transporting the animal back to camp.  Inspired by his father’s condition, Chris came up with the ideal solution, and the Hook-A-Rack™ was born.  

Hook-A-Rack with hogHook-A-Rack with Hay and Buckets
The Hook-A-Rack™ may look simple in design but once you hook one of these loaders to your ATV you will be amazed at how many ways you find to use it and how much time and energy you save, not to mention your back.  The Hook-A-Rack™ is proudly made right here in the U.S.A. with teflon powder coated steel which will provide many years of durable use.  It is designed to attach to just about any ATV or UTV in about 30 seconds and does not require additional mounting plates, hardware or tools.  The increased front cargo area lends itself to carrying bulky items that would not normally fit on the front or back rack of an ATV. Rubber straps are included to secure your load of up to 300 lbs, depending on your machine and the terrain conditions.  

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