1. Whitetail Deer Population - There is an estimated 3.7 million whitetail deer in Texas alone, the largest population of any state. Population densities range from 5 deer per 1000 acres in some regions in the northern part of the state to as many as 100 deer per 1000 acres in central and south Texas regions.

2. Exotic Animal Hunts - You can hunt 51 different species of exotic animals in Texas with the most popular being axis, sika, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, aoudad, wild corsican and mouflon sheep.

3. Hunting Capital - Texas is considered the Hunting Capital of the United States. Hunting and fishing in Texas is a 14.4 billion dollar a year industry. Texas leads the nation in number of hunters and anglers with an estimated 2.6 million; Florida comes in second with 2 million and California with 1.7 million.

4. Hunt by Landscape - Texas has a wide variety of different landscapes. East Texas is loaded with piney wooded areas. If you would like to hunt rolling plains and flat lands, head up to the northern plains. Or head down to south Texas to hunt in the Brush Country, which south Texas is known. And finally you can make your way out west for a desert type landscape.

5. Hog Hunting - With hog hunting drastically increasing in popularity, once again you can count on Texas. Fifty percent of the entire hog population in the United States resides in Texas. There is an estimated 2 million feral hogs in Texas alone. Hogs are an extremely adaptable animal with a very high reproductive rate. Feral hogs normal weigh on average 110 to 130 pounds however, Texas has been know to produce hogs exceeding 400 pound. Hogs can be found in virtually every county in Texas and are prized by hunters and hated by landowners.

6. The Central Flyway - The Central Flyway is one of the four major flyway routes in the country that migrating birds use to migrate North to South and back each year. No one knows exactly how many birds use this route to migrate but it is safe to say that millions of birds fly this route every year. With the Central Flyway running through Texas, bird hunting and water fowling is one of the top hunting sports in Texas.

7. 1,135,245 acres of public hunting land - While Texas is home to hundreds of private hunting ranches, there is still over 1 million acres of public hunting land available. Hunts for whitetail, turkey, exotics, small game, furbearers and predators is allowed on public lands without having to participate in a drawing. For more information on hunting private land in Texas, visit TPWD.

8. Hunt Year Round - With so many different species of game, you’ll be able to hunt year round. While most game has specified seasons, there are still enough species available to keep you busy year round. Squirrel, Javelina, Rabbits and Hares, Exotics and predators to name a few.

9. Texas Hospitality - Just about anywhere you travel in Texas, you’re sure to find hospitality and the kind of friendliness that is second to none. Talk to anyone who has ever traveled to Texas and they will tell you that from Beaumont to El Paso, from Dalhart to Brownsville and everywhere in between you will find the friendliest and most welcoming people. After all, they don’t call it Tejas for nothing. Tejas is the Hasinai tribe name for “Friend”.

10. And of course everything is Bigger in Texas.