• David Robles

    This is a perfect example of great Hunter thank you for the story and pictures. You guys are awesome wish every hunter had hunting ethics ethics as you two from South Dakota! I hope you replaced the fence Post when finished. My hat off to you two great job dangerous but great. Thanks to the person that took time and spot those two they saved that buck and the genes for future hunts. The pronto was a kick! I'm sure the "Great state of Texas People" admire your courage

    On what you did, most people would of shot and killed the

    Deer and kept the racks you people are awesome. y'all sure y'all ain't from Texas??!!! LOL. I plan to pass this around to every hunter I know.

    Again, job well done just down right Texan of you two!

    David Robles

    SFC/Ret. U.S. Army

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