• animfriend

    I can’t believe you people. You get pleasure out of watching beautiful animals suffer like that only so you can hang their horns on your wall. You should be ashamed. Maybe someday you will accidentally shoot yourself in the foot so you know how it feels.

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  • Radioactivebuny


    Hunting thins out the population so that if disease were to strike, it wouldn\'t spread like wildfire and wipe out 90% of the animal population. Did you know that as hunting increases, so does the animal population? How do you explain that? Besides, when shot with an arrow, it is virtually painless due to the extreme adrenaline rush the animal experiences. It basically gets scared because it just got hit in the side by something, runs away, gets tired, goes to sleep and then that\'s the end of it. There\'s a reason people shoot them right behind the shoulder. Their hearts are at that spot so when the arrow penetrates, their heart is destroyed and they simply tire and die. A gut shot is suffering and hunters will not take a shot unless 100% certain that they can avoid that. Besides, it\'s not like we leave the carcasses otu there after we chop their heads off. We take the meat and the skin and mount it. The rest is either composted or disposed of, or left for scavengers (entrails and whatnot) You know you really should be bitching about slaughter houses. Even a hunter like myself becomes nauseous when watching that. Go complain about something IMPORTANT!

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  • Roger

    Do your research animfriend.Thinning deer helps to check diseases that kill the deer painfully slow.Before you start bad mouthing hunters,check out the facts for yourself.

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  • PETA

    I Like the last few seconds of this video the best. \"PETA\" - Stands for: People Eating Tasty Animals

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