Webb County not only produces some of the biggest bucks in Texas but some of the biggest Rattlesnakes too. These pictures are from a hunting lease in Webb County.  Becareful this season!

"I took one step into my brush blind when this 6' diamondback decided to stand up like a cobra and start rattling.  Luckily, I had knocked an arrow as I approached my blind, just in case something was already feeding.  I pulled back, pointed at his head and let it go.  Thankfully, it hit him in two places, sticking him to the ground, not allowing him to hit me when he struck.  As you can see in the photos, I just missed his head as the arrow traveled down his body.  I don't think my rubber boots would have helped a whole lot.
- Blake"

Webb County Rattler

Webb County Rattler

Webb County Rattler


  • double down

    Its a good thing he stuck him with the first arrow pinning it to the ground. Nice shooting.

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