The buck called "Heart Attack".....
Some guys went on a deer capture in Uvalde county and netted this deer, Heart Attack. He scored 248. He has 21 points,an inside spread of 32 ½ inches and an outside spread of 34 ½ inches. He is only 4 years old. If you hunt, that means something to you. If you dont, this will. They supposedly put a price tag on him of 1 million dollars. Enjoy the photos. There is 1 of him in velvet and the others are once they had him captured.

Buck named Heart Attack



    that is the biggest buck i have ever seen i am from morgan county ohio we have some really nice deer done hear but not as big as that. what do you mean they put a millon dollar check on him.

    p.s write back

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  • camotoe

    I think what that means is that what ever ranch owns him will let you shoot him for a cool million.

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  • me

    im guessing you cant keep a girl cause all you love is deer yeah its great to hunt and to eat them but they aint my life im from where u r to.

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  • Tony Lyon

    Looks like genetically altered deer? Is it natural?

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  • TXsnyper

    Genetically altered, I don\'t think so. However he may have been breed in a pen, or something similar.
    He is a beautiful buck in ANY case.
    The million dollar thing is NOT to kill him. That is if you want to buy him to use in your breeding operation. Each straw of semen from him could bring as much as 4 or 5 thousand dollars. Seeing that you could get as much as 100 straws each time you pull him, the money could add up VERY fast.
    I would like to know what ranch owns him, and if they have any semen for sale. If he is a pure Texas buck then he could be worth more than one million dollars.

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  • anonymous

    hes a wild deer they caught him then kept him on the ranch for genes and hes on kings ranch in texas

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  • sebas

    Such a beautiful animal. Why kill it? Why not let others enjoy him alive. Obviously, u killed him for the sport and not food.

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  • OKBuckmaster

    They haven\'t killed Heart Attack. He lives like a KING on the King\'s ranch. Only way he will die is of OLD AGE. Long live HEART ATTACK!!!!!

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  • Terrell Mayweather

    Stupid,,,, & I'm a true deer Hunter:)

    from Statham, GA, USA
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